Aborted Climax

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

We met on a whatsapp group.

I noticed him from his comments. So much common sense displayed ! We bantered and flirted in the comments and seemed to agree on a lot of topics so I went to check out his profile and did some online investigation. Dude was so fayyyyyne and had his shit together.

After fighting an inner battle I slid into his DM and we got talking. We would chat long into the night and soon moved onto video calls. I loved our video calls ! His lips ! Goodness me ! So sensual ! The way his mind works captivated me ! So of course when he asked me out on a date I said yes !

The Friday seemed like an eternity. I spent the whole week getting ready. I got on my sewing machine and made myself a hot red dress. Got my hair done, my nails, went for a body Polish and facial. Even got a Brazilian wax. I was ready!

Friday was here and he came to pick me up. He had prepared a nice picnic basket for a day by the beach. Off we went my heart dancing shaku shaku while I stole glances at him from behind my dark glasses. I looked at his strong toned arms as they held the steering wheel. He had the most beautiful fingers. I imagined those fingers tracing a line down my forehead to my lips, down my cleavage and my stomach...girl stop I told myself !

It was an amazing day...he fed me grapes and we drank wine and we played rambunctiously in the sea like kids without a worry in the world. I was high and falling in love. The world was so perfect at that moment !

Then all of a sudden the heavens opened and tried to put a downer on our joy. Laughing hysterically we gathered our things and tried to escape the pelting rain.

We arrived in the car soaking wet. Our clothes clung to us like second skins. I looked down at his shorts where it clung to his groin and let out an involuntary breath. I looked up to see him looking at my chest. My breasts pushed against the flimsy silk of my sun dress. The nipples pointed like headlights in his direction. Taunting, pleading.

He held my face in his hands and drew me close. Our lips met and I felt a current course through my limbs and settle into a warm throbbing feeling in my crotch. I moaned and shifted closer.

I was abruptly awakened from my sensual delirium by a loud insistent tapping on the window. It was the security guard in the parking lot. There was a stupid grin on his face.

"Oga we have 'short time' rooms inside".

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