Traditional Sex Enhancers From Northern Nigeria - Kayan Mata

This is a three part series. This first post is about my introduction to Kayan Mata. The others will be about my experience. My KM introduction started with my trip to the north eastern state of Nigeria, Adamawa all the way to Kano and finally in Lagos.

What is Kayan Mata?

Kayan Mata, translated literally as “Women’s property or things”, is a generic name for a range of different kinds of aphrodisiacs.

It is not the name of a specific enhancer, but a five-century practice of handing down spices, creams, perfumes, tablets, etc. made from herbs that are believed to heighten sexual experiences.

A lot of the herbs used to create these enhancers are local herbs, making English translations hard to come by. This was quite frustrating for me because even when shown the herbs it looked like nothing I had ever seen.

I was told the herbs were gotten from Borno, Maiduguri and even as far away as Niger.

The few people who have followed my whatsapp stories got to teaser videos of my kayan Mata experience which I will share in full detail later.

There is no shortage of positive reviews. There are many social media sellers who claim to make millions from the sale of Kayan Mata with international clients from as far away as Canada and Australia.

The Kayan Mata experts I spoke to in Yola and Kano regaled me with stories. The one that got me laughing was about the woman who after using kayan Mata on her husband,ran away from home because he would not let her be.

This rise in unadulterated Kayan Mata products is particularly worrisome considering the burden of risk is placed on the woman who purchases (and uses) the products. The South West have caught on in this practise and new kayan Mata merchants are sprouting up everyday and since the industry is not standardized it's easy to fall prey to dubious sellers. Hence my reason for taking the opportunity to do some research while in the north and speak to the original practitioners.

There are so many different types which is impossible for me to list in this post. The type you get depends on your present needs. To break it down simply there are in these broad categories

-vagina tightner

-vagina wetner

-vagina sweetner

-sexual arousal

- "attraction and favor"

- system cleanser

- body part enlargement (breasts, Hips, buttocks)

- prevention and cure for infections

-libido enhancer [men and women]

- stamina enhancer [men and women]

Some are a combination of two or more or for a specific purpose.

Application varies from insertion, drinking, spraying on the genitals, steaming the vagina with special herbs and incense to rubbing on the skin and scrubbing the entire body for a full spa experience.

Like I said no English name so don't ask me.

Some ingredients are quite potent but also rare and hard to find making them expensive and I was told takes days to prepare. Some are more affordable and easy to get.

I was also informed there are some you absolutely do not use unless you are sure you have a partner to have sex with as it could drive you wild.

Overall, Kayan Mata is a very safe natural aphrodisiac to use and it is NOT “jazz” or voodoo as a lot of people assume. The northerners have been using them for centuries and in fact, their husbands buy them for their wives too and some tribes add it as part of the bride price they give to their wives. 

Having said that, one or two of the practitioners I spoke to here in the north after some prodding revealed that some were specially prepared with some "prayers" and "medicine" to increase potency.

Alot of social media sellers have exploited this thin line promising women their partners will never leave them if they use certain medicine and charging customers hundreds of thousands. With the women coming back to reveal how they were able to collect millions of naira from men.

I spoke with Sa'adatu (not real name) in the privacy of her home in Jimeta, Yola. Originally from Maiduguri, her family has sold Kayan Mata for 5 generations. She proudly showed me her traditional medicine certificate telling me there was an association and she would be fined for revealing secrets to me. I was shown some samples of such and their various applications. There was one where a scorpion sting is soaked in honey and some herbs and the mixture is inserted into the vagina 30minutes before intercourse. This is supposed to drive the man wild and make him come back for more as he would be experience some wild electrical like sensations.

My guide later told me her and her husband are "witches" and her whole family practises it even her sons and daughters. He went on to say their kayan Mata I got from her is not "pure" and they were still learners compared to the professional kayan Mata jazz practitioners in Borno.

He sounded really upset that I would cross the line between natural herbs and jazz sellers. "Its for science." I answered.

I bought samples of everything I could lay hands on as I had people in my whatsapp sending me money and ordering. Men and women alike.

That's all for now. Will share my "Turarin Wuta" (full body scrub and steam with incense and herbs) experience with photos and videos later.



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