My First Heart Break

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Shola was my crush in primary 4. I was in 4A he was in 4B. He was the only person skinnier than I was in the whole of primary 4 and had the most fascinating light brown eyes.

The first time I saw him was in the play ground he was being harrassed by some boys to give up his 50kobo pocket money because of some silly bet he had lost. I watched as they collected his lunch money and I walked up to him and gave him half of my mum's cinnamon and apple pie and my Caprison. Not a word was exchanged. The next day we met at the same spot and shared our lunch. The primary 5 boys came to meet us and right behind them were my cousins and their friends from primary 6. Long story short 50kobo was collected in 4 places from the bullies and handed to Shola. The look he gave me from those piercing light brown eyes and I was in love. I opened my lunch box and divided my sandwich in half. He gave me two 50kobo coins. The next day I woke up with a fever and my mum couldn't understand why I wanted to go to school by all means when normally I would manufacture excuses not to go to school. She insisted I stay at home and lo and behold it was chicken pox. I was home for a month. Imagine my joy to finally be released from the bondage of home arrest. I looked forward to seeing Shola. I imagined how his light brown eyes with sunlight in them lighting up at the sight of me. I imagined his smile with his missing milk teeth. I hopped and skipped, swinging my lunch box to our meeting spot behind the swings and stopped short in horror.

There was MY Shola cosy as two peas in a pod with Nnenna from primary 3. Half caste Nnenna with yellow skin and curly brown hair to her waist. They were both giggling and he was looking at her like she was the only girl in the world. I ran up to them snatched their lunch and threw it on the sand. The next day I claimed I wasnt feeling well and my mum fearing I was having a relapse allowed to me stay home. But inevitably I had to go to school where I studiously ignored Shola and his oyinbo girlfriend.

Imagine my surprise two weeks ago when a Shola enters my DM. "Are you Yomi Agoro ? Did you attend Bessie ? Me: "Yes I did." Him: "I thought so ! I wasn't sure. You have grown so beautiful. Your smile is as pretty as I remember." I quickly check his profile and I see the same light brown eyes and then it all hit me. I immediately tapped the block button. Yoruba demons... They start from childhood and they never change. Never.


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