I've Always Been A Lesbian Magnet

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

I love women. I love how we God made us. All our curves and edges. How we can all be so physically different but yet so beautiful. I love us ! I will walk up to you and tell you you're pretty. I like how their faces light up when i say that because there is no better validation of your hotness than the one that comes from another hot woman No I'm not a lesbian. I am not bi. I'm 100% heterosexual. I'm that girlfriend that is out with my man and pointing out a hot derriere to him for our mutual viewing pleasure. I discovered years ago however that I'm a lesbian magnet. Maybe it was my red mohawk or my tomboy style or whatever. I just realised I got propositioned regularly. Was it the transsexual who ran after me after a night out in the streets of Soho, London or the gorgeous Latino who kept rubbing my arm and whispering sweet nothings in my ear at my French friend's wedding in Paris. I didn't really mind tbh. It's normal for men to be attracted to you as a woman but for a fellow woman to be attracted to you massaged my ego no end ! I was a foolish girl ! 😂😂 The one that has stood out most to me is my 25th birthday. We were at a nice restaurant in the west end. It was a large mixed crowd and I didn't know everyone personally. Shots after shots of liquor went down thirsty throats and it soon became a blur. This was my first time drinking alcohol I was soon very tipsy but comfortable cos my cousins were with me. There was this girl who was a friend of my cousin's. I had seen her with them a couple of times when we hung out. Hot like fire. Jamaican/French mix. I loved her grey green eyes and I already told her so. I was dancing with everyone and I soon found myself dancing with her. We were all drunk and in high spirits no lie. It was good to be young and alive ! She held me close, her breath teased my neck, her hands were on my waist. My inhibitions were totally down and I thought nothing of it. My cousin seeing how tipsy I was came to grab me saying it was time to go home. She followed us outside...holding my hand. When we got outside she pulled me close and kissed me deeply on the mouth. It lasted all of 3secs, it was over before I could react. She pulled out my palm and wrote her number on it. Then reached into her purse and pulled out a wad of notes, counted six £50 notes and tucked it onto my cleavage. "For your taxi" she whispered in my ear. We all knew I came in my cousin's car. She then walked back inside immediately. I looked at her retreating back in shock and then looked at my cousin and we both burst into drunken laughter. I woke up the next morning with the mother of all hangovers. Her number was still on my palm and £300 was on the dressing table. So it really happened. I touched my lips...did a girl really kiss me ??? I guess you're now wondering if I called her. Well I never did. I knew for sure I wasn't sexually attracted to her. But today, years later I wonder what would have happened if I called her. Would I have turned lesbian or bi ? Or would it just be one of those one-off experiences that happen once in a lifetime ? I guess now I'll never know.

Photo Credit: New York Times Magazine


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