How To Define Your Personal Style

When Fashion Week comes around from New York to London to Paris to Milan one thing you can guarantee is a host of designers with signature collections.

From bold bespoke prints to daring cuts, each designer takes their own individual approach to fashion.This principle can be applied to your own wardrobe to secure success in your everyday life.

This is part of what is known as 'Personal Branding'. 

How can you create your own unique style without breaking the bank ?

Here are some key points to consider:

1. Identify your brand message.

Style is a way of letting people know who you are without saying a word. Whether you like it or not, what you wear makes a statement about the kind of person you are so it is important 

to take control of how the world perceives you. Some of today's well known personalities are clear in their style.

Amber rose's blond crop and bodycon dresses are her signature look. Vogue Editor in Chief,Anna Wintour's blond bob, dark glasses and dark clothes are her signature look. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge has evovled into a style icon with carefully chosen pieces befitting her royal image. She has managed to stay fashionable and classy. Anything she wears sells out. 

On-screen and off, Elizabeth Taylor was obsessed with elegance. She frequently wore shades of emerald—a stark contrast with her raven hair— silk turbans, empire-waisted dresses and luxe Bulgari jewels.

A good way to identify your personal style is to find out what pieces are most recurrent in your wardrobe

2. Dress Event appropriate.

Trying to stand out isnt about wearing a camoflage print to a black tie event. You will stand out for the wrong reasons. For instance, working in a law office requires a more formal dressing than a design studio. you could let your personal style shine through with a colorful scarf, shoess, accessories or bags.

3. Mix and match

If like me youre a fan of bold colors and patterns you will probably realise that too much of a good thing can be overbearing to the eye. Complement your style with staple pieces that should always be in your wardrobe.- shirts, trousers, etc in neutral colors 

4. Pay attention to Detail

On most job descriptions today most employers put 'attention to detail' as one of their key requirements. One way youcan reflect this is through your wardrobe. whilst it sounds obvious, it is important to make sure your clothes fit well, accessories are on point and personal grooming is top notch. For example, Add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral outfit or wear intersesting cufflinks or broach  to complement your ensemble

5. Step out of the norm.

Most fashion followers hit the high streets and chase after the popular brands. They also tend to follow fast fashion and whats currently in vogue. But trendsetters tend to seek the small independent designers with unique pieces. There are a range of fantastic emerging brands online selling items, from shoes to jewellery who offer great innovations at affordable prices.

6. Remain Confident and True to Yourself.

This last step applies in all aspects of life. When we force certain things we can end up uncomfortable or unhappy. people can intuitively pick up on this

being comfortable in your personal style as you step out the door into the world can automatically give you confidence. 

Dont try to be an imitation. Be inspired, but remain true to yourself.


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