How A Babalawo (Ifa Oracle Diviner) Found The Thief Who Stole My Phone

Some of us believe in jazz. Some of us don't. Some people only remember the name of Jesus when the threat of jazz is involved. But I tell you,jazz, Juju, voodoo whatever name you want to call it is real. To pretend supernatural powers don't exist is to be delusional. Here's a perfect example.

This is me at the doorway of the Seriki Williams Abass slave 'baracoon' (another word for cell) in Badagry,a border town in Lagos close to Benin Republic. I had taken two tourists on my 19th Badagry slave route tour. An hour earlier I was about to shut down a restaurant because my phone miraculously went missing.

Seven AM that morning we had left Lagos because a one hour journey would usually be two hours becuase of bad roads, traffic and bribe seeking border patrol officials. We arrived in Badagry and went to have breakfast at this restaurant (name withheld only because they found my phone).

We sat down to eat and started taking pictures and videos. Yetunde gave me her phone to do a video and I dropped my phone in my food tray. I got up to buy some snacks and left my phone on the table where the others were seated.

We all got to the car and I remembered I left my phone on the table and dashed back inside to get it. Lo and behold the phone was nowhere to be found.

It was quite early in the morning so there were no customers yet. Just us, the three waiters behind the counter and the young man who cleared the tables and one other staff. They all claimed not to have seen my phone.

As soon as I had dashed out of the car, my friend Anago had called my phone and it was switched off which was odd. How can a fully charged phone be switched off in the space of one minute. And so began the search for the phone. We searched my bag, the car, the boot, under the car, the tires, the tree near the car, under my friend's wig. Everywhere.

The restaurant staff also helped us search claiming they had not seen a phone on the table. I was getting really irate and promised them they were all going to sleep in the police station if they did not find my phone. I gave them 30 minutes.

I had people with me who had woken up early so we could do our Badagry tour before the sun came out and here I was wasting time in a restaurant because one of them stole my phone.

Soon enough even the back end kitchen staff came out because by this time I had raised my voice while they were claiming their innocence saying they had seen no phone. We had searched the toilet (which I never used), the microwave, oven, roof top everywhere no phone was to be found.

By this time I had stood by the door and was sending all their customers back telling them the restaurant was closed. A man brushed past me and went to the counter. I followed him and said to him, "Oga I told you they are closed. They cannot serve you any food. This place is closed till my phone is found." That was when they knew I meant business.

"Our Manager is on the way." they said.

"I hope he's coming with my phone." I replied. "If not all of you are sleeping in a police cell this night."

Soon enough the manager arrived and begged me to calm down saying Madam I promise your phone will be found. I saw the assistant manager writing down all their names on pieces of paper and then making a phone call and reading from the paper. The manager asked me to go seat down in the car that he would bring my phone to me. I said nothing and sat in the car.

Five minutes later they come out with my phone and even I was stunned. I had actually given up hope the phone would be found and was mentally planning how to deal with each and everyone of them.

We were all stunned. How did you find it we asked.

They smiled a mysterious smile. My friend Anago who was in the restaurant with them narrated what happened. The names they had written down had been sent to their local 'babalawo'. He had told them where the phone was hidden and who stole it. True enough, it was the very person I had suspected. The young man who cleared the table.I was like nah this is a lie. This did not happen. This did not just happen.

So this thing really works ? Y'all have a digital babalawo on call ? Please give me his number. I need him to give me the next Mega lottery winning numbers.

They didn't.

My friend Chex said it's all lies. I guess there will be unbelievers. Till it happens to them. I was one.


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